Pattern Review – Nina Lee Southbank Dress and the #smyly2018 challenge

My first make of 2018 was a real comfort food of a make – the Nina Lee Southbank dress!

I’ve made a couple of Nina’s patterns previously – the Portabello trousers and the Bloomsbury blouse and I absolutely love them both so had high hopes for the Southbank!

I had bought some gorgeous leopard print french terry with the softest fleece on the reverse from Stoff and Stil when I was at the Knitting & Stitching Show and was waiting for the perfect project to use it. I could have made a trusty Linden from it, but when I saw the Southbank pattern, I thought it would be perfect, as I would get more use out of it, as I could even wear it to work during the colder months.

I did think about doing contrasting neck, arm and hem bands from a grey rib knit, but I’m really glad I stuck with the leopard print throughout.

I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern, apart from moving the pockets up by about half an inch, as I heard that they can be a little bit low down for short girls. This worked out really well and I am happy with their placement now, so will make sure I adjust the notches on my paper pattern.

The other thing I did with the pockets is use the reverse side as the right side so that the cosy fleece is against my hands.

The dress was a pretty quick so and I have to say the Nina Lee has done it again! I absolutely love it! So much so, that I chose it to be my outfit for the #smyly2018 (sewing makes you love yourself) challenge. I was asked to be an ambassador for this by the organisers. They are asking people to create a garment that makes you feel beautiful and I think this dress really fits the bill, for several reasons:

  1. it is leopard print
  2. it is so cosy
  3. it is comfortable
  4. it is secret pyjamas
  5. pockets!!
  6. it just looks really cool – such a great shape

While this wouldn’t be the type of silhouette I would normally go for, I really love the slouchiness of this dress – it is a great length, not too short but short enough and is great worn over tights and boots. I am going to try the hip length sweater version next and see if it can give the Linden a run for its money!

So, if you want to see more about my entry for the #smyly2018 challenge and more about my sewing story, head on over to my vlog.


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  1. I loved watching your video and this dress is so lovely. It looks really comfortable too!

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