Me Made May 2018 – Round Up

Part of my Me Made May pledge this year was to do a round up blog post.  So here it is!

My entire pledge this year was:

I, Sarah McKenna, of Like Sew Amazing, sign up as a participant of Me Made May. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade garment every day for the month of May and I will document my daily outfits on Instagram and do a round up blog post at the end of the month. I will use this challenge to identify and wardrobe gaps and donate any handmade garments that I no longer need to charity.

So, I definitely managed to wear at least one handmade garment each day. I tend to wear handmade most days anyway, so this wasn’t much of a stretch! I did, however, try to vary what I was wearing, so that did take some thinking about, rather than wearing the same thing multiple times.

I posted daily outfit pictures on Instagram. While I enjoy this part of the challenge as it means I have a record of what I wore, it can get a bit difficult to find locations for pictures and a willing volunteer to play photographer! And while I am on that subject, a massive thank you to my, ever patient Instagram Husband, Alex, who takes most of my pictures.

In terms of identifying wardrobe gaps, having recently changed from the corporate world, to working for myself, I have definitely noticed that what I want to wear as part of my working wardrobe has changed. I now seek comfort, not necessarily Hudson Pants every day (although that is the dream!), but I don’t find myself reaching for really structured garments. I prefer things that I can move around in really easily for everyday wear. I think I need to make some more basic tops for layering in plain colours. I could also do with making a new cardigan – I have lots of lovely new fabrics coming in to the shop soon which will be perfect for that. I made the Myosotis dress during May, and I could definitely do with a couple more, as they are such an easy throw on piece.

We are sorting out our house at the moment so as part of that, I will be taking some of my unworn garments to the charity shop. I do feel a bit strange letting things that I poured lots of love and hard work into go but I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it, as our house is fast approaching maximum “stuff”!

I really loved seeing everyone daily outfits and a few patterns definitely crept onto the must-sew list! I really love how this event really brings the community together, and it is also lovely for people outside the sewing world to find out more about this amazing hobby of ours, as the daily outfit posts prompt lots of questions!

Well done, once again to our lovely host, Zoe, for all of her hard work. Can’t wait for next year which will be the 10th year of the challenge!

Sarah x

The stats:

  • 15 tops
  • 10 trousers
  • 12 dresses
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 jacket
  • 2 skirts
  • 4 jumpsuits/dungarees
  • 1 bikini

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2018 – Round Up

  1. You have such a gorgeous collection of handmade clothes! You really know what suits you and what fits with your current lifestyle. Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries and beautiful outfits, and for your support of this whole endeavour! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Zoe xx

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